Plastic surgery is one of the most treacherous (ever-changing) challenge in the surgical field. There are various surgical methods and concepts that are aimed to adapt to different conditions and individuals. Even for a simple double-eyelid surgery, not every result would be the same. Therefore, multiple observations of surgical procedures performed by others are the only one way to shorten the training course and the learning curve. More surgical observations can shorten the training and learning process. Because of the mellowing process of plastic surgery is quite long and hard for young surgeons, Dr. Chuang hosts this online video platform, collecting large numbers of different types of surgical procedures that he and many other aesthetic surgeons performed, to make plastic surgery more educative and informative. Regardless of whether you are a young resident, cosmetic physician, attending plastic surgeon, or even a nonspecialists in plastic surgery, you will see every outspoken procedures in our every video, which would be really helpful in your career and business.

Dr. Chuang is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who performs the holistic plastic surgery in Taiwan. He has performed thousands of plastic surgical procedures related to eyelids, nose, breasts, facial implants, facial bones, and body sculpturing in the past 15 years. In his videos, he will show you how to perform the various plastic surgical procedures in the most effective and safe way. It is not necessary to travel and visit doctors somewhere, or pay much for the training courses, Learn Plastic Surgery make you to observe plastic surgeries step by step by watching these videos repeatedly. You will not miss any trick and tips. For more information about Dr. Chuang and his surgeries, please visit Wish Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.

This place is always open for the professionals for mutual learning and exchange. Apart from the videos recording from Dr. Chuang, we also invite and welcome plastic surgeons all over the world providing their excellent experiences and techniques in their specialization. We accept various video recordings on basic techniques to advanced or even innovative procedures that would be helpful in teaching young surgeons to improve their skills. The main goal of this website is to become an online library for those who need to learn plastic surgery instantly on-demand and to help the surgeons to shorten the learning curve or avoid possible complications. If you are passionate to join us, please visit join us page for more information.

Learning Plastic Surgery makes plastic surgical techniques no longer a secret or cheat (secret techniques). You can stay at home, have a cup of coffee, and watch full-length video recordings of the most useful clinical skills from practicing plastic surgeons. Every step of surgery have been recorded clearly with all the information that you need to know, such a surgical planning and procedures, with the addition of helpful descriptions and annotations; hence, you will learn more effectively (so to increase your learning efficiency). No hiding in Learning Plastic Surgery—we make learning plastic surgery easier and practicing it safer!


  • Not necessary to participate in workshops or symposiums. You can learn the plastic surgery easily at home.
  • No need to pay much for the expensive teaching courses or crowed live demonstrations. You can learn plastic surgery confidentially by yourself.
  • Not just special demonstrations or show off in our videos! You will see the full-length recording of every play.
  • Easily allows you to overcome your “blind spots” and master crucial surgical procedures! You can repeatedly play any step of the video without any hiding secret.
  • There is no more barrier between plastic and non-plastic surgeon. Now every physician will learn how to perform the plastic surgery exactly from our video demonstration.
  • Perform your own surgery step by step according to our videos! Allows yourself to no longer be fearful when faced with unfamiliar surgeries.
  • Selection of suitable surgical procedures for yourself to learn according to the difficulty level, thus allowing you to gradually become a master in this field.
  • Rapidly extract experiences from skilled plastic surgeons. It makes you avoid many unnecessary trials and errors or complications.
  • There are some rare plastic surgeries that you will not see elsewhere. It would be very helpful in bringing in new clients and creating your new business (income).