• Do you want to let more physicians learn the surgeries that you are good at?
  • Do you have many live demos from international conferences that should be shared with nonparticipants?
  • Do you lack opportunities to demonstrate your surgical experiences at international conferences?
  • Do you want to share with everybody the surgical experience that you have accumulated over many years?
  • Do you have a unique surgical technique but lack the opportunity to showcase it to more people?
  • Do you want to leave precious video recordings of the surgeries that you are good at?
  • Do you wish to create more value for the videos that you have painstakingly created?

We welcome you to JOIN US if you are

  • Passionate about sharing plastic surgery techniques and experiences
  • Passionate in teaching young surgeons
  • Passionate in helping peers avoid complications
  • Passionate about promoting advanced but safe plastic surgery
  • Passionate in publishing your new or innovative surgery

Advantages in joining Learning Plastic Surgery

  • The most professional video platform for plastic surgery
  • Collection of all plastic surgery techniques
  • Overcome the unprofessionalism and differences in standards in YouTube videos
  • The audience are mainly doctors and video broadcast efficiency is high
  • Difficulty and value of the videos are selected by you yourself
  • We also provide many fine post-processing services to enhance video quality
  • Retain eternal video memories of your surgeries
  • Create a professional branding image for yourself

Advantages when you join us

  • Improve your reputation and authority in the field of plastic surgery
  • Allow doctors all around the world to easily learn your surgical techniques
  • Allow your unique, advanced techniques to be more widely used
  • Allow your previously showcased demo videos to be reused, letting more people understand
  • Share your technique and experience with colleagues in plastic surgery from around the world/li>
  • To publish your novel surgical techniques
  • To collect more physicians joining in your workshop or live surgery symposium
  • Eventually creating new value for your surgeries (refers to fee collection for videos)
  • More future possibilities through online teaching

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